Core Team: Research Group Leader and PhD Students

Hamid Taieb
Research Group Leader

Hamid Taieb is the leader of the DFG Emmy-Noether research group “A Sensible World”. He received his PhD from the University of Lausanne and École pratique des hautes études in Paris. He has held research or teaching positions at the Universities of Geneva, Hamburg, Lausanne, and Salzburg, and has made research stays at the École normale supérieure at Paris, HU Berlin, King’s College London, and the University of Gothenburg. He has written several works in the history of philosophy: first, on the Austro-German tradition, from the School of Brentano to early phenomenology; and second, on the Aristotelian tradition, especially medieval scholastic authors. From a systematic point of view, he specializes in the philosophy of mind and ontology, but has also explored issues in epistemology and philosophy of language. In addition, he is interested in philosophy of law (before devoting himself to philosophy, he studied law at the University of Geneva).

Selected publications

1. Relational Intentionality: Brentano and the Aristotelian Tradition, series “Primary Sources in Phenomenology”, Springer, Cham 2018.
2. “A Case of Aristotelian-Scholastic Non-Realism about Sensible Qualities: Peter Auriol on Sounds and Odours”, Journal of the History of Philosophy (forthcoming).
3. “A Paleo-Criticism of Modes of Being: Brentano and Marty against Bolzano, Husserl, and Meinong”, Ergo 7/32 (2021), p. 849-876.
4. “Ordinary Language Semantics: The Contribution of Brentano and Marty”, British Journal for the History of Philosophy 28/4 (2020), p. 777-796.
5. “Building Objective Thoughts: Stumpf, Twardowski and the Late Husserl on Psychic Products”, Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie 100/3 (2018), p. 336-370.
6. “Intentionality and Reference: A Brentanian Distinction”, The Monist 100/1 (2017), issue on “Brentano”, ed. Uriah Kriegel, p. 120-132.


2 Phd Students to be hired in March 2022

Student Assistants

Alexandra Pop
Student Assistant

Alexandra Pop supports the research group “A Sensible World“ as a student assistant. She is an undergraduate student in philosophy and social sciences at HU Berlin.